RobustRailS Mini Conference September 15, 2016

"RobustRailS wrap-up conference"


We are happy to announce a mini conference on Robust Railway Operations presenting some of the results of the RobustRailS research project. The project started in 2012 and will terminate in 2016.

The mini-conference will give examples of the outcomes of the research within the project. In addition, leading international researchers will give keynote presentations that complement the research within the RobustRailS research project.

The Mini Conference is organized by RobustRailS, a research project lead by DTU (Management Engineering, Transport, Compute and Fotonic) and sponsored by The Danish Council for Strategic Research (DSF). The research in RobustRailS is focused on how the railway sector can become more green and sustainable by making the transportation system more punctual, reliable, highly frequent and comfortable, resulting in more passengers using rail transportation.

Leading international experts have been invited to present their research. Furthermore participants from the RobustRailS project will give a presentation of their projects, the results and the potential for further development. There will be time for discussion of various railway topics and networking.
The purpose of the day is to bring robust railway operation into focus, disseminate outcomes of the project and bring main railway actors together. Finally we also hope the mini-conference will be a possibility to form new ideas for further collaboration building upon what we have already achieved.


The mini conference takes place at DSB, Telegade 2, 2630 Taastrup.


Participation is free, but it is necessary to register by sending an email with name, title, company and e-mail to Administrative Officer Rasmus Vilrik Bruun, e-mail:; DTU Management Engineering, August 24 at the latest.

For further information about the Conferense please contact Professor Jesper Larsen, e-mail:; DTU Management Engineering. About RobustRailS in general please contact Professor David Pisinger, e-mail:; DTU Management Engineering