Infrastructure Robustness in the Future

This work package will address robustness related to the development and operation of new railway control systems and communication systems. It will consider complementary means of achieving robustness: (1) by preventing failure through systematic design & verification principles, (2) by providing fault tolerant capabilities so that the system can adapt to unforeseen situations, and (3) by assuring sufficient and scalable data capacity for communications systems.

It consists of the following two sub work packages:

Formal Development and Verification of Railway Control Systems

This work package will focus on how domain-specific techniques and formal development and verification methods can be used for obtaining robust railway control software effectively. Furthermore, the interaction with operational planning in WP3 will be explored.

Communication Technologies Support

This work package will tentatively deal with three issues: (1) development possibilities and alternatives of the communication subsystem within ERTMS (GSM-R), (2) robust integration of new communication and signalling infrastructure (ERTMS+other) with existing operative subsystems and (3) support of IT; communication technologies to sustain and improve the perceived quality of experience by final railroad users.

The work in these work packages is interrelated since the first may incorporate as part of its component models, a sub-model of the underlying GSM-R network.


Anne Elisabeth Haxthausen
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José Soler
Associate Professor
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